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5 Reasons to Use a Recruiter to Source Top Talent

You’ve gotten the green light to add a new staff member, but with so many candidates looking for jobs, how do you ensure that you’re finding the best talent for the role? Should you rely on job boards? Your in-house HR department? Referrals from Current employees? Or a recruiting agency that specializes in your industry?

If you’re looking for unparalleled experience and quick connections with qualified candidates, using a recruiter might just be the smartest (and safest) way to go.

Here are five reasons why using a recruiting agency may very well be in your best interest:

  1. Recruiters have access to candidates that you don’t. For recruiters, finding and identifying top talent for open roles is their job – their only job. They have access to a much larger talent pool and finding candidates to fill open positions is all they do. Hiring managers and those in HR have other responsibilities, and looking for the best candidate to fill an open position may not be a skill in which they are well-versed or even have an interest. It’s often better to leave talent sourcing to experts who do this for a living and have access to the best candidates for your open role.
  2. Recruiters can fill your open position faster. If you’re looking to fill your open role faster, use a recruiter. Recruiters have a database filled with candidates that they can draw from, as well as connections in many industries that they can call upon if they are looking for specific skills. Some skill sets are difficult to source, but recruiters keep their fingers on the pulse of the latest in-demand skills and often have a bench of candidates who they can contact for the right job. Sometimes the best candidates aren’t actively looking for a new role, but recruiters know who they are and can find them if your offer and the job responsibilities are a good match.
  3. Recruiters understand current market trends. Recruiters stay on top of current market trends in the industries they serve. They know whether the salary you have in mind is too low or if a hybrid or remote offering might work better than an in-house role for the applicable talent pool. They make it their business to read current industry news every day so they can offer insights you might not be aware of or advice that you might find useful. They also know how to identify character traits that would make a candidate a good hire for your organization. They have knowledge about your competitors and can help you maintain a competitive advantage by sourcing the best talent for your open role.
  4. Recruiters can cut through all the noise. When you post a job on a job board or LinkedIn, you can easily get hundreds of applications that you’ll need to sift through to find the candidates you’ll want to look at further. Many of those who apply don’t even meet the minimum requirements for the job. A recruiter can provide you with well-vetted candidates to interview – candidates who have the skills necessary to do the job – so all you might need to do is look at cultural fit or specific expertise needed to do the job. Hand-selected candidates cut down on time-to-hire and reduce the amount of time you spend looking at applicants who wouldn’t be a good fit for the role. When you are looking at key positions, you can’t afford to leave them vacant while you look for the time to go through potentially hundreds of applications.
  5. Recruiters can save you time by checking references and performing background investigations. Recruiters can check candidate references to determine the kind of employee they were in previous jobs. By speaking to former employers, they can glean information on a candidate’s prior performance and productivity, integrity, ability to get along with coworkers, and competence in doing their job. Recruiters can also perform applicable background checks to ensure that the details on a candidate’s resume are correct, that they have attended the schools they say they have, and that they have been employed by the companies they cite on their resume. They also have the ability to perform skills testing if a particular skill is vital to the open role. All of this saves you time and allows you to focus on the more important aspects of your job.

After so many company layoffs in the past several years, there are many applicants who are vying for the same roles, and many of them are unqualified for the roles to which they have applied. When you use a recruiter, you save time and money, allowing an expert to help you fill your open jobs with the most qualified candidates in the least amount of time so that you can get on with your job and focus on what -you do best.

If you want to learn how Core Resource Group can help you find top talent for your open positions, please reach out to Dorothy Schoening at or call 908-789-9400.

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